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Family association

 Family Association invites all parents, grandparents, siblings and guardians to join us at our monthly Family Association meeting. Many decisions are made at our Family Association meetings including, but not limited to fundraising, field trips, community building, workshops and much more. This is a great opportunity for students and their families to give input on what is important to them at their school. Come join us and be heard! After all the parents are of the voice of the school!

Parent/Family Association

Scheduled Meetings :


October 14, 2019           at  8:30 am

November 18, 2019       at 8:30 am

December 9 , 2019        at 8:30 am

January 13, 2020            at 8:30 am

February 3, 2020          at 8:30 am

March 9, 2020                 at 8:30 am

April 20, 2020                  at 8:30 am

May 11, 2020                   at 8:30 am

June 8, 2020                     at 8:30 am


All Family Association meetings will take place in room 2 (Parent Center)


*Light snacks and refreshments will be served at all Family Association meetings*


*Meeting times and dates are subject to change, Please check school calendar often*

Council members

President - Esteban Gomez 

Vice President - Elica Pena

Treasurer - D.D Edwards

Secretary - Claudia Garcia

Fundraising - Rachel Westergard

Teacher Rep - Ms. Blakely & Ms. Gloria