Transportation by Private Automobile

Adults may be authorized to transport students by private automobile for approved field trips and activities when the vehicle is driven by an adult who has registered with the district for such purposes by filing a completed School Driver Certification Form.


          All student passengers shall provide permission slips signed by their parents/guardians.  Owners, drivers and passengers shall be informed that the registered owner and his/her insurance company are responsible for any accidents which may occur.  Drivers shall be required to possess a valid California driver's license and liability insurance.  A seat belt must be provided for each passenger.  Trucks and pickups may not transport more persons than can safely sit in the passenger compartment. The number of passengers, including the driver, shall not exceed the capacity for which the vehicle was designed and should not in any case exceed eight.

(Education Code 39830)


          Adults driving and chaperoning on field trips shall not bring any additional children

or siblings/students not enrolled in the class taking the field trip.

Ways to Volunteer

 Please talk to your child’s teacher to inquire how you may volunteer in your child’s classroom or school.  Talk with the Family Association to find out how you may help the association support our children and our school.  Below are suggestions of how you can help our school.


Within the Classroom During the School Day


Classroom helper: 

  • Provide assistance as requested by the teacher.
  • Work one-on-one with students needing additional help.
  • Help set up for classroom activities, including during Intervention.
  • Help with clean-up after activities.
  • Share a special skill or talent with the students (music, crafts, sewing, poetry, etc.)
  • Help students in the computer lab.
  • Attend field trips as a driver or as a chaperone.
  • Help the students check out books from our library, return books to shelves, etc.

 Be a Classroom Coordinator

  • Field Trip Coordinator help plan and schedule classroom field trips.
  • Be the Class Fundraising Coordinator to plan and carry out the fundraising activity assigned to your child’s class. 

 Before School

  • Help with the morning supervision

After School

  • Coach an after school sports team (soccer, basketball, etc.)
  • Help coordinate/facilitate an after school club:  Photography, public speaking, chess, Scrabble, drama, dance, choir, sports, etc.
  • Help during academic intervention classes

 On the Weekends

  • Help with monthly special events

In the Evenings

  • Attend our monthly Family Association meetings

At your Convenience

  • Use your carpentry skills and tools to help build classroom planter boxes
  •  Help beautify the outside of the school (planning and implementation)
  •  Help set up the school library by unpacking and shelving books

Family Association Committees

  • Help organize, coordinate or facilitate fund raising activities.
  • Help run a student store.
  • Help with the school-wide recycling program to raise funds for the school.


There are many other ways parents may volunteer at school.  If you have additional ideas, please share your suggestions with your child’s teacher.