Parent Center

Parent Café Now Open for ALL Parents


After moving from one part of the building to the room attached to the cafeteria, the Parent Café is once again open for all parents to enjoy. 


Hello one and all, come and check out our new Parent Café.  This room is for all of you parents.  You can use it to meet other parents or to plan how to help your child at school. You can use it to read about our school.  You can use it to hold school-related parents meetings such as SSC, Parent Association, and ELAC.  Or you can use it to merely to enjoy a cup of coffee with your fellow volunteers during your break time and discuss how to support our school.


On Thursday, Oct. 31 @ 8:45-9:30 am, we are planning to inaugurate the Parent Café by having our fist Principal’s Tea.  Parents, come and join us for pastries and tea with the Principal.  You can also bring and share your favorite pastries.  There is no formal agenda.  Topics we will discuss will be your own questions. So, save the date and plan to attend.  It is my hope that you will join me for tea, pastry and lovely conversation about our wonderful school community.