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Dear Parents/Guardians,


Welcome to the Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science and to the 2010-2011 school year.  Our staff is looking forward to working with our students, parents and the learning community to create a safe, nurturing and learning teaching environment for the school community.   We strongly believe that each of us plays an important role in making our school a wonderful place to learn. 


Students are encouraged to do their best by working diligently and achieving academically, by coming to school on time on a regular basis, by consistently following school and classroom expectations, and by becoming exemplary, positive and contributing citizens.  Because Faith is a parent participation school, parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education.   Parents are expected to form collaborative partnerships with their child’s teacher and school. 


It is our school’s goal to produce confident, high-achieving, accountable, reliable, caring citizens.

Please enjoy reading and discussing this Handbook with your child.  Upon completion, please complete, sign and return the student/parent/school compact found at end of this Handbook to your child’s teacher.   


Thank you for supporting your child by expecting high academic standards and achievement, by expecting your students to be excellent citizens and follow school expectations, by making sure that your child attends school on time a regular basis, and by showing your child that you care about his/her education by volunteering in your child’s class and/or school.


Together, we can create the best school, a jewel, in the Hayward Unified School district.


Ms. Canlas







The mission of the Faith Ringgold School of Arts and Science is to educate students in a safe, stimulating, and educationally rich environment that will help them to flourish as productive, socially responsible, well-informed, contributing members of society by using challenging, standards-based curricula and utilizing project-based learning and arts integration throughout the core curricula.



To provide all students with an excellent educational program that sets high expectations and prepares them academically and socially to be confident, life-long learners who make positive contributions to an ever-changing global society.


Goals and Objectives

  • To educate students to their fullest potential so they will achieve the productive and fulfilled lives that education brings.
  • To provide students with a range of educational experiences that will inspire and motivate them to excel.
  • To use the California Standards for the Teaching Profession to develop and implement dynamic, hands-on, interdisciplinary and standards based curricula, including character education and life skills.
  • To help students meet or exceed essential academic standards necessary for success at the next level.
  • To create a climate of mutual understanding and respect.
  • To seek out and recruit families who desire a community approach to learning.
  • To secure the funding and resources necessary to fulfill our mission, goals and objectives.


Students’ Arrival at and Departure from School


School starts at 8:30 in the morning.  We highly encourage students to come to school at 8:30 in the morning.


Once a student is dropped off at school, he/she is not to leave the school grounds, and once students are dismissed at the end of the day, they are to go directly home.  There is no afterschool supervision.  Parents needing support before and/or after school may contact our Youth Enrichment Program.  They provide before and after school programs.




Studies show that students learn more effectively and earn better grades when they are in class every day.  Therefore, parents please help your student come to school on time on a regular basis; schedule routine medical appointments before or after school or during the weekends.   


To report an absence, please call the office at 510 723-3865 before 9:00 a.m


To maximize learning, attendance and participation in class are essential. 


Accumulating excessive unexcused absences may include referral to an alternative educational program, and/or being reported as truant. 


The California Education Code and the Welfare and Institutional Code provides that legal action may be taken against students and/or parents/legal guardians when students are truant, as parents/legal guardians are required to ensure that students between the ages of six and eighteen attend school.  Verification of student absences is required of parents/legal guardians. 


The following reasons are excused reasons for absences from school:

  1. Illness, a signed medical excuse is required if the student accumulates three (3) days of illness within the school month.
  2. Quarantine directed by a county or city health officer
  3. Urgent Medical appointments
  4. Participation in religious instruction or obligations
  5. Attendance at funeral services for a member of the immediate family




We recognize that certain students may need to take prescribed medication during the school day. The school nurse, or other persons designated by the Superintendent or designee, shall supervise such students in taking their medication.


The following conditions are required before medication can be taken at school:

1. A written statement from the student's physician detailing the method, amount

    and time schedules for the taking of the medication.


2. A written statement from the student's parent/guardian requesting the district   

    to assist the student in taking the prescribed medication. (Education Code  



3. Medication supplied in the pharmacy-labeled container to remain in the school

    office until the prescription expires.


Students observed by school personnel administering unauthorized medications to themselves will be reported to their parents/guardians.


Under no circumstances can school personnel provide aspirin or any other patent medicine or nostrum to students.


Injuries or Illness at School


First aid is administered in case of minor injuries that may occur during the school day.  School personnel are not allowed to render medical attention beyond first aid.  If an injury requires further attention, the parent or a person listed on the child’s emergency card will be notified.  In case of severe injury, the child will be taken to an emergency hospital immediately. In order to make emergency contacts promptly, parents should update the emergency card with a current home address, emergency phone numbers for home and work, and childcare provider.  The name of the medical provider, phone number and any chronic illnesses should be included on the emergency card.

Home – School Communications

Monthly Newsletters will be sent home from school.  Teachers may also have their classroom newsletters.  Flyers and reminders will also be sent home regularly.  NTI messages will be used to send reminders via your telephone.  When necessary, letters will be sent home via your child or post office, depending on the urgency of the message.

Parents, if you need to contact us, you may call us at 510 723-3865. 

Parking and Driving on Campus

Please park in designated areas only; parents park in visitors parking, staff members park in staff parking, etc.  Please do not park in the Red Zones or fire lanes.  These lanes are reserved for vehicles needed in case of an emergency.  Cars parked in the red zones or fire lanes risk getting tickets from the HPD.

When dropping off or picking up students, please drive carefully and watch for students that are in the parking area.

Bicycle Safety


Children who ride bicycles to school must walk their bicycles on school grounds.  Keep bicycles parked and locked in the bicycle rack. 


Skateboards, rollerblades/inline skates, and shoes with non-removable wheels are not allowed at school. 

Safety Drills


Fire, earthquake and lock-down drills will be practiced to familiarize students with proper safety procedures. 


  • Fire Drills begin with a fire alarm purposely set by the school office.  Students are to leave classrooms in a quiet, orderly manner and walk to the furthest end of the grass area, closing and leaving an unlocked door behind them.  Once the class is in a “safe” area, teachers must take a roll call.  Once all students and staff are accounted for, teachers hold a green card up, to indicate that the entire class is present/safe and is with the teacher.  After the “all clear” announcement is made by Principal or designee, everyone may return back to their classes in an orderly and timely manner.


  • Earthquake Drills start with a “duck, cover, and hold” announcement on the P.A. system. Students and staff get under the desk or table and hold on to its leg(s).  After approximately 60 seconds, a fire drill alarm will follow.  Students and staff may follow the Fire Drill procedure stated above.


  • Lock-down Drills are practiced in case there is someone or something on campus or nearby that warrants locking doors and keeping children inside the classrooms or building. The doors are locked; shades are drawn; lights are turned off, and children are to be quiet.  Students and staff may sit on the floor next to their desks or near the wall while being completely quiet.  Once the “all clear” signal is given, doors are unlocked, shades are pulled open, lights are turned on, and learning and teaching resume.


School Lunch Information


Lunch is served at school.  Lunch prices are available in the office or from the cafeteria.


FREE or REDUCED-PRICE MEALS are available to students who qualify.




Foods Provided for School Functions (district policy)


  • No home prepared foods shall be served at school functions held during school



  • All foods served at school functions shall be prepared or purchased according

to the California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law, Health and Safety Code

27500 et seq. which specifies that no food item will be distributed by any

individual or organization during the school day unless:


 1) It is a purchased prepackaged item,

 2) It is prepared by a licensed outside vendor, or

 3) It was prepared in the district kitchen facility under the supervision of an  

     authorized Food Services Department Staff Member


  • School functions include any activities for students under school sponsorship:

1. School day snacks

2. Classroom celebrations

3. Picnics

4. Evening events and graduation celebrations


  • School functions do not include:

1. Parent Association planned and operated pot luck meals.




We encourage parents to visit our classrooms.  However, visitation shall not interfere with learning. 


Visitors are expected to be polite, courteous and respectful of students, parents, and staff members.  Inappropriate visitor behavior will be reported to the police department.


District mandates and state law requires that all visitors sign in at the office before visiting classrooms and check out with the office prior to leaving.


When visiting, please limit your communication with the teacher; she needs to focus on students during instructional times.  If you need to meet with the teacher, please leave your contact information for the teacher with the office manager.  The teacher will contact you to schedule an appointment or conference with you.



All students will receive assignments daily, Monday to Thursday, not on Friday.  For detailed and individual classroom’s homework policy, please contact your child’s teacher. 


Progress Reports and Report Cards


First Trimester Progress Reports go home in October, followed by Report Cards in December at Parent/Teacher Conferences.


The Second Trimester Progress Reports will go home in January, followed by Report Cards in March.


The Third Trimester Progress Reports go home in May, followed by Report Cards in June.

Dress Code Policy

Students are expected to dress appropriately for school to participate fully in all school activities.  Students may not wear the following items:

  • Dress that draws undue attention to or detracts from the educational process.
  • Clothes, apparel or attire must conceal undergarments. Straps must be a minimum of 1 inch wide. No plunging necklines or bare midriffs, no half-shirts, fishnet tops, transparent tops, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, tube tops, or tank tops
  • Pants worn below the waist that expose undergarments.
  • Skirts and shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Wild hair coloring, except during Halloween.
  • Caps worn with the bill facing forward.  No caps, hoods and beanies in the classroom.   
  • Watch caps, stocking caps, wave caps, hair nets, bandannas and all headgear identified as gang-related
  • Wearing or possession of clothing, jewelry, accessories or any manner of grooming that denotes membership or identification with a gang
  • Dark glasses, except for valid medical reasons verified in writing by a physician.
  • Clothing that demeans others
  • Clothing, jewelry, or accessories that may jeopardize students’ safety.
  • High platform shoes or flip-flops.  Shoes must be worn at all times.

With the exception of school plays and with authorization from the administration, no make-up is allowed at school.

Students dressed inappropriately will be sent home to change clothes or given a   T-shirt to wear or ties to use as a belt.

      Toys and other Electronic Devices


Toys, MP3 players, radios, cassette recorders, iPods, cameras, and other electronic devices are not to be brought to school.


        Violations of this rule will result in:

  1. confiscation of the object,
  2. a call home, and
  3. keeping the toy or device in the office for a period of time to be determined by the teacher and/or the principal.


Please note: The school will not be responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen toys or devices.



Cell Phones

Students may carry a cell phone in their back pack in an “off” mode during school hours.  Students may NOT leave a cell phone on or use a cell phone during school hours.

Violations of this rule will result in:

  • Confiscation of the cell phone to be picked up either by a parent or by the student as determined by the Principal.
  • A Referral, due to defiance, will be sent home

Please note: The school will not be responsible for any lost, broken, or stolen cell phones.




Students are expected to use their time at school to learn and allow others to do the same.  This atmosphere of learning applies to the entire school day, including recess, lunch, and field trips.  Each student is expected to strive to take full advantage of education opportunities and to do his/her best in all areas of school life, including citizenship, which includes consideration of others.  Each student is expected to model good behavior that is conducive to learning and teaching.


     Students, follow the following school expectations.


  1. Follow your classroom rules.  Do not keep yourself and others from learning and the teacher from teaching.


  1. Be respectful and courteous. No profanity, put-downs or demeaning gestures.  No defiant behavior.  Do not bully or harass others


  1. Be honest.  Do not lie, cheat or steal


  1. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  No play fighting or fighting.


  1. Follow the school dress code.


  1. When outdoors at recess:
    • Use all equipment properly
    • Play safely
    • Take turns
    • Don’t climb up the hillside.  Stay on flat areas.
    • When bell rings, stop playing, and then walk to class.


7. Treat the environment with care and respect.

  • No littering
  • No gum chewing and spitting it out on the yard
  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Use school property as it was intended.
  • Don’t deliberately cause or attempt to cause damage to school property.


  1. Do not bring radios, walkmans, ipods, disc mans, video games, toys or any electronic items to school.


  1. Keep cell phones off and in backpacks or out of view. 


Students choosing to break rules risk the possibility of receiving a yellow slip, red slip or a suspension depending on the severity of the infraction.


Students receiving slip or suspension will receive a natural consequence that is appropriate to the infraction.  Students will be asked to take an active role in their social growth by doing serious reflections and becoming a part of their behavior modification consequence.  Consequences will vary, depending on the infraction.


HUSD Board Policy 5131(b) Conduct:  Parents/Guardians


Parents/guardians are expected to comply with the laws governing the conduct and education of their children.  They shall also be expected to cooperate with school authorities regarding the behavior of their children.  Parents/guardians shall be held liable for misconduct of students that leads to the death or injury to any student or to any persons employed by or volunteering for the school district. Parents/guardians are also liable for defacement, injury or loss of any district property belonging to the district.  Penalties shall be those specified in the law.


School Committees, Organizations, and Councils


          Information will be forthcoming relating to the various school committees and advisory councils listed below:


School Site Council (SSC)

Site-Based Decision Making Team (SBDM))

English Learner Advisory Council (ELAC)

Comprehensive Safety Plan Committee (SPC)

School Equity Action Team (SEAT)

Parent Association




Studies indicate that children are more successful in school if their parents/guardians are involved in their education.


          Since Faith Ringgold is a parent participation school, we highly encourage parent participation.  Please contact your child’s teacher regarding how you may volunteer in the classroom and school.


Please note:  Volunteers working in the classroom over a total of 8 hours are required to complete a HUSD Volunteer Packet, be finger-printed, and TB tested.  Please refer to the District’s Volunteer Policy’s for detailed information.



Transportation by Private Automobile

Adults may be authorized to transport students by private automobile for approved field trips and activities when the vehicle is driven by an adult who has registered with the district for such purposes by filing a completed School Driver Certification Form.


          All student passengers shall provide permission slips signed by their parents/guardians.  Owners, drivers and passengers shall be informed that the registered owner and his/her insurance company are responsible for any accidents which may occur.  Drivers shall be required to possess a valid California driver's license and liability insurance.  A seat belt must be provided for each passenger.  Trucks and pickups may not transport more persons than can safely sit in the passenger compartment. The number of passengers, including the driver, shall not exceed the capacity for which the vehicle was designed and should not in any case exceed eight.

(Education Code 39830)


          Adults driving and chaperoning on field trips shall not bring any additional children

or siblings/students not enrolled in the class taking the field trip.




 Please talk to your child’s teacher to inquire how you may volunteer in your child’s classroom or school.  Talk with the Family Association to find out how you may help the association support our children and our school.  Below are suggestions of how you can help our school.


  • Within the Classroom During the School Day

   □ Classroom helper:  Provide assistance as requested by the teacher

    Work one-on-one with students needing additional help

    Help set up for classroom activities, including during Intervention

    Help with clean-up after activities

    □  Share a special skill or talent with the students (music, crafts, sewing, poetry, etc.)

    □  Help students in the computer lab

    □  Attend field trips as a driver or as a chaperone.

    □  Help the students check out books from our library, return books to shelves, etc.


  • Be a Classroom Coordinator

    □  Field Trip Coordinator to help plan and schedule classroom field trips

    □  Be the Class Fundraising Coordinator to plan and carry out the fundraising 

          activity assigned to your child’s class 

    □  Be the Wish List Coordinator for your child’s class to procure additional materials

          requested by the teacher.  Activities could include any of the following:

                (1) compile and post wish list

                (2) solicit donations of materials from within and outside of Faith Ringgold School

                (3) watch for free items on or similar public postings.


          □  Classroom Yearbook Coordinator:  compile yearbook pictures throughout the

                the year to submit to the yearbook publisher

    □  Classroom Book Order Coordinator to collect and place students’ monthly book



  • Before School

     □  Help with the morning supervision


  • After School

    □  Coach an after school sports team (soccer, basketball, etc.)

    □  Help coordinate/facilitate  an afterschool club:  Photography, public speaking, chess, Scrabble, drama, dance, choir, sports, etc.

    □  Help during academic intervention classes


  • On the Weekends

    □  Help with the Holiday Boutique in December


  • In the Evenings

           □  Attend our monthly Family Association meetings


  • At your Convenience

           □  Use your carpentry skills and tools to help build classroom planter boxes

           □  Help beautify the outside of the school (planning and implementation)

           □  Help set up the school library by unpacking and shelving books


  • Family Association Committees

          □  Help organize, coordinate or facilitate fund raising.

          □  Help run a student store.

          □  Help with the school-wide recycling program to raise funds for the school.


There are many other ways parents may volunteer at school.  If you have additional ideas, please share your suggestions with your child’s teacher.


Students, have a wonderful year.