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    We set high expectations for our students.  Students are provided with  rigorous COMMON CORE standards based curricula and are expected to perform.


   The arts are an integral part of an enriched program.  Dance, drama, instrumental and choral music, and literary arts are an important part of each student’s  experiences.


   It is critical to address and recognize students’ strengths, weaknesses, and different learning styles in order to provide appropriate intervention or enrichment activities through differentiated, integrated, and balanced instructional programs.


   Technology and science are key components in preparing students for understanding the world around them  and for communicating in an ever-  changing global society.


   Daily health, nutrition, and fitness activities inspire students to live healthy, active lifestyles.


WE BELIEVE learning is the responsibility of the individual and education is the obligation of the community.


Students, staff, families, and the community work in a partnership that    respects individual differences and provides opportunities to grow.


Studies show that children do better in  school when their parents are actively involved in their school and their education.


We value  parents’ positive contributions in educating the whole child.