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Desired Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to:

  • Appreciate the arts and scientific thinking,
  • Think critically and make informed decisions,
  • Demonstrate problem-solving strategies,
  • Effectively utilize communication skills,
  • Constructively resolve conflicts,
  • Take responsibility for themselves and their choices in life,
  • Appreciate cultural diversity,
  • Choose a healthy life-style, and
  • Seek and use resources for lifelong learning.

Is this the school for you and your child?


If your child enjoys being challenged, likes doing projects, is inquisitive, creative, interested in science, loves to draw, sing, or perform, then the Faith Ringgold School is

 a perfect place for you and your child.


Parents/guardian are expected to be involved

by attending meetings, working in the classroom, driving on field trips, participating in community events, fundraising, etc.